Saturday, 1 March 2008

What is the hot jewellery in Paris?

We all know that Paris and Milan is where the world look to for next season's trends in fashion and beauty. Naturally, the adoption of jewellery trend is part of it all. After a trip to Paris last month, I've had a chance to look forward as well as "back" on jewellery trend. Looking ahead, huge and prominent jewellery that is the trend today, is here to stay. So ladies, don't toss out, trade in or store away your "chunky" jewellery just yet. As for colour, every colour under the rainbow spectrum is in, by itself or in combination. Intense colours are in. If you had a chance to watch the Oscars recently, brilliant and bold red, purple, green etc. lined the red carpet.

As for looking back, what better than to visit the museum of all museums - The Louvre! Here we start to understand that women adorning themselves with jewellery goes as far back as biblical times - B.C.! From the attached photos, you can see that jewellery women used to wear (roughly 2,000 - 6,000 years ago!) are quite similar to what we adorn ourselves with today! Perhaps the instincts for jewellery is embedded in our genetics? So ladies, next time your "significant other" questions the need for yet another piece of jewellery, you will have a ready excuse. :-)

Here, feast your eyes on jewellery worn by royalties!

Jacqueline Potter Collection

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